education Education

2015-2019 PhD Candidate at Harokopio University of Athens (Expected 2019)
2013-2015 PostGraduate studies at Harokopio University of Athens (Grade: 9.9/10)
2009-2013 University Degree from Harokopio University of Athens on Informatics and Telematics (Grade 7,7/10)

experience Experience

July 2018 - Present CEO
July 2018 - Present Software Developer ForeScout
September 2017 - June 2018 Programmer/Analyst Greek Army
Nov 2016 - September 2017 Software Engineer L2
Backend software development and engineering the future of online betting systems.
Feb 2015 - Present Research Associate
Working on multiple research projects primarily around IOT.
Harokopio Univesity of Athens
Dec 2013 - Feb 2015 CMS Programmer / Android Developer / Game Developer
Worked on interactive applications and delivering content to the user.
Express Publishing
Sep 2013 - Dec 2013 Production Editor
Worked on content digitization and creation of interactive content for educational purposes.
Express Publishing
Oct 2009 - Sep 2013 Wii Ambassador
Working as an in-store promoter for Nintendo products. It is a seasonal occupation, usually around Christmas time.
Nortec Hellas

Java           PHP          
C           MySQL          
C++           HTML5          
C#           CSS          
Prolog           Android          
OpenCV           Arduino Development          
Unix Shell           Drupal          
Javascript           SysAdmin          
nesC           TCL          
JSP           Async JS technologies          
Team Leading           Systems Architecture
Internet of Things
Automation Design
          Data Mining          
Big Data           Game Development          
Wireless Sensor
Robotics           Team Leadership          
Face Tracker Computer Vision Application that tracks human faces on live video feed or recorded video
Light Tracker Computer Vision Application that tracks certain LEDs in live video feed or recorded video and trails their movement
Karaoke This application was developed during my occupation at Express Publishing. It uses JMF and multiple threads in order to help the user set timestamps to a text, so that when a given audio is played on a suitable player, text words light up when heard
Unichat Online Centralized chat using JSP and J2E technologies
Performance analysis in mobile computer games over the web My graduate dissertation thesis. Research on whether it is possible to have applications with real time communication demands over 3G networks through mobile phones
Flickr Search A simple minimalistic Flickr search page through the use of the Flickr API
Google maps Cross search With Flickr A web application that merges 2 APIs. User draws a square on google maps and then a search is forwarded to Flickr to find images that have been tagged as shot within that square
Company Management System Uses J2E. It was created for a project as an exercise on my MSc course
Drupal Modules Development Multiple Drupal modules I developed for Express Publishing
E-Shop Development Created as part of an exercise on my graduate course
Tracking Application for Android A.K.A. Snoop Dogg's Walk Out. User enables the application and then the app takes the user's position every 5 seconds. After stoping the recording, the user can playback his route on google maps.

Performance analysis in mobile computer games over the web

Modern video games are in their majority distributed interactive applications, which allow their participants to interact with each other. The great number of users and the large distribution of users’ placement demands the use of many servers, having large geographical distances among them, co operating for the smooth conduct of games. We have to study, not only the way users connect to the servers, but also, the way servers interconnect among themselves. The inter-server network architectureand the way they distribute clients among them, affects the communication delay and therefore the total cost. In this dissertation thesis, through a number of simulations, we will come to a conclusion for a number of client distribution algorithms, how one can achieve a theoretical maximum gain from conducting a match and using the above conclusions, deduct whether it is possible, games with real-time network demands to exist on cellular phones.


Intelligent smart buildings management system in smart cities' environments

The internet of things era is looming and no solid architectures for the management of the abundance of smart objects has been proposed yet. In this dissertation thesis I aim to propose a system architecture for WSNs that caters to the self-configuration and self-management, as well as the multi-criticality of services, without need for homogenous WSNs, the IoT is in dire need of. This will be achieved by adding multiple layers of abstraction over the underlying WSNs. Moreover I will create a prototype that implements part of said architecture as proof of concept.


Context-aware IoT: An Autonomic Approach targeting Multi-critical Applications

The Future Internet era dictates the deployment of high complexity systems having a variety of autonomic properties, such as such adaptivity, self-configuration and self-optimization. Context-aware Internet of Things (IoT) promotes the realization of IoT architectures enabling intelligent IoT devices and applications to cooperate with others within the same environment in a dynamic fashion. This research aims at the design and deployment of an autonomic management framework targeting real-time optimization of operational properties in the context-aware IoT environment. To this end an autonomic architecture for IoT services will be explored, focusing on diverse requirement satisfaction, including for example response time, energy efficiency and users’ satisfaction. The scope of the research is a) to explore challenges in building autonomic IoT architectures to support multi-critical applications and b) to indicate efficient solutions for dealing with them, promoting self-configuration and self-optimisation properties.

Expected 2018

Embedded intelligence in smart cities through multi-core smart building architectures: Research achievements and challenges


A multi-core context-aware management architecture for mixed-criticality smart building applications


An autonomic management framework for multi-criticality smart building applications